2017 Module

A module for high school biology, Insect Food Court: GMOs and feeding patterns, is available to download. The module demonstrates how genetically modified plants are related to natural selection. This will be directly demonstrated in the choice assay when students see that genetically modified plants deficient in a defense hormone called jasmonic acid (JA) are quickly eaten by the insects. This module contains lesson plans, background information, protocols, and links to the NGSS. It is estimated to take seven 90-minute periods, not including preparation time.

Module PDF: InsectFoodCourtMODULE_Sci-LiFT-17

The PowerPoint below is also available to use and modify. (Please note, this is not the “module.”  Download the module to see the suggestions for how to use this powerpoint in the classroom.)

Module PowerPoint: PowerPoint_for_SciLiFT_Module